On Monday, May 2, 2022, Ken McKenzie acquired the over 100-year-old Armstrong Family Malloy-Mitten Mortuary in Los Angeles, California. The addition of this location has further enhanced our ability to serve the community in two locations; our original home in Long Beach, and this new location are now here to assist families.

Above, then left to right: Bob Armstrong, Troy Garcia and Ken McKenzie

Founded by Burton Howard Armstrong in 1903, Armstrong Mortuary had been managed for several decades by Burton’s great-grandson, Bob Armstrong. Bob is a fourth-generation funeral director, following in the steps of his own father, grandfather and great-grandfather. The original location of the Mortuary was closer to where the current sports center in downtown Los Angeles is now, and over the decades, Bob saw many changes in the business. “From about the mid-1920s until the 1960s, there were about 20 mortuaries in the downtown Los Angeles area. Now, there are only about three,” says Bob.

The cultural diversity since the end of World War II contributed to Armstrong’s success. Since then, the Mortuary gained a reputation as an accommodating and affordable business for the community. Over the decades, working with different families further enhanced the cultural needs, and Bob was instrumental in adapting to those needs.

One of the most memorable times of his work, and one of historic significance, was in 1968 when he was given the task of preparing the body of Senator Robert Kennedy after his assassination. Although the mood was somber, Bob knew that he needed to maintain a level of professionalism that had been an Armstrong family attribute for several decades.

He credits the longevity of the business to his great-grandfather, and the continuing pride that continued through the generations. When asked how he believes that the Armstrong Mortuary has been able to continue for so many decades, Bob says, “It’s a calling. If you can help somebody, that’s what’s life is all about, isn’t it?”

Troy Garcia is the newest member of the team at the Mortuary. His experience with the business actually started in a way that was unexpected. When he was a child, he lost his father, and had to take care of his ailing mother throughout high school. He already had the background for caring for others, and this made it a natural progression for him to enter this industry.

After high school, Troy went to cosmetology school and spent his time making people feel good about themselves. This trait passed on when he met Ken McKenzie and used his talents of cosmetology to take care of loved ones who have passed. “People have often asked me if my line of work is scary…actually, no! It’s more rewarding than anything else. There’s nothing more rewarding that a family coming to me and thanking me for allowing them to see their loved one, one last time,” says Troy. “And as a part-owner of the Mortuary, there’s always going to be room to grow.”

And now, Armstrong, Garcia & McKenzie Mortuary continues with that already established reputation and tradition. Located on Venice Boulevard, the Mortuary is conveniently close to Interstate-110. University Park and the sports center in downtown are nearby local landmarks. Several churches, chapels and cemeteries are within a 30-mile radius of the Mortuary, which serves the Southern California and Metro Los Angeles communities.

Continuing with the historical reputation of the Mortuary, this welcoming restored landmark building houses a chapel that can accommodate up to 75 guests in comfort. A spacious family meeting room with modern amenities and furnishings provide peaceful home-like surroundings before a funeral service begins.